29th of may to 2nd of June

NiMSA MAK Health week 2024: Salt City 2.0

ADVOCACY ASA FUNDAMENTAL ASPECT OF HEALTH ADVANCEMENT: Empowering the youth, breaking barriers and transforming health

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NiMSA Report

World Menstrual Hygiene day webinar

Rural medical outreach

Exploring data science in medicine

NiMSA capacity building Academy

AI and medicine 1.0

Protecting every pregnancy

Prequel to NCBA

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World Menstrual Hygiene day webinar

World Menstrual Hygiene day webinar

Nigerian Medical Students Association
Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria/Female Forum
In commemoration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day


Menstrual Health Matters: Empowering Women and Girls through Menstrual Hygiene Education

Date: 25th May 2024
Time: 5PM
Venue: Google Meet

Guest Speaker: Dr Olive Oyelle (President MWAN Delta State Consultant Paediatrician)

Chief Host: Moses C. Onwubuya (47th NiMSA President)

Host: Ewurum Judith (NiMSA Liason Officer to MWAN)

Co-host: Nwajei Victoria (Deputy NiMSA Liason Officer to MWAN)


Rural medical outreach

Rural Medical Outreach

We’re excited to announce the upcoming BHUMSA Medical Outreach in collaboration with The Jonah Inheritance which would be happening live at Auta balefi, Karu LGA, Nassarawa state on the 25th of May,2024.

This would be a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact on our community, where we’ll be providing free medical services to those in need. These services would include;

  • Free Medical screening and testing
  • Free counselling and consultation
  • Medical Education

And of course free items would be shared such as;

  • Free mosquito nets
  • Free sanitary pads

Let’s come together and make a difference in our community!


Exploring Data science in medicine

NIMSA Health Innovation and Technology

Hello NiMSAites!

Are you eager to explore how data science is reshaping the landscape of healthcare?

Join us for a webinar on data-driven medicine by NiMSA Health Innovation and Technology (NHIT)!

Date: 27th April 2024
Time: 5PM
Venue: Google Meet


  • Data science in healthcare
  • Real-world applications in medical research
  • Challenges and opportuniteis

Don’t miss insights from industry experts!

Attendees get free and discounted access to courses on ziontechhub!

Reserve your spot here: https://forms.gle/majT9MAABRUwF9TH9

Spread the word and let’s innovate together! #HealthTech #DataScience #Medicine



NiMSA Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME) presents: AI and Medicine: AI Mastery for Medical Students

NiMSA Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME) presents:
AI and Medicine: AI Mastery for Medical Students

Dear Medical Students,

Are you eager to enhance your AI skills? Do you want to get better answers when you use Chat GPT? Are you aware there are several other AI bots asides chat GPT? Join us for an engaging workshop tailored just for you!

Date: Saturday, 4th May 2024
Time: 8:00pm WAT
Venue: Google Meet (Link to be provided)

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Essential prompts to navigate AI tools with confidence
  • Practical tips for integrating Ai seamlessly into your medical studies
  • How to leverage AY for literature review, diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Real-life case studies showcasing AI applications in medical research and practice
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and explore AI initiatives in medicine

No prior AI knowledge required – just bring your curiosity and enthusiasm!

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to empower yourself with AI knowledge and skills. Reserve your spot today and take the first step towards becoming a proficient AI user in your medical journey!

Join SCOME national platform to get the link for the meeting:

Folorunso A. Toluwanimi
Training Coordinator

Ebireri Mathew
Director NiMSA Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME)

Solomon Opoke
Deputy Director, NiMSA SCOME


NiMSA Capacity Building Academy 4.0

NiMSA Capacity Building Academy

In a world where medical students are continuously stereotyped to the point where we begin to believe or accept the world’s definition of who we are, a desperate need to change the narrative beckons and NCBA 4.0 has answered that call

NCBA 4.0 is back and better, to redefine our perspective of who we are as 21st century medical students and to equip us with the necessary skills, mindset and life transforming nuggets to make exploits and stand out in every sphere of life

Theme: REDEFINING THE STEREOTYPE; The 21st century medical student

There would be 3 power packed modules nationwide and you don’t want to miss it for anything

Registration kicks off TODAY at our various MSA levels, REGISTER NOW!! to unveil what NCBA 4.0 has in store for you!!

NCBA Registrar

National NCBA Coordinator


Prequel to the NiMSA Capacity Building Academy 4.0

NCBA Opening session

Of course it’s old news that NCBA 4.0 is only some days away but a lot of questions have kept lingering

  •  “What is the NCBA?”
  • “Who is supposed to register for the NCBA?”
  • “What is it about and why is this academy so important”

These questions and more would be clearly addressed by our capable capacitated speakers to give us an idea of why we should not miss out the NCBA and how to maximize every bit of it

Theme: Prequel to the NCBA: Capacity building redefined
Date: Friday, 26th April 2024
Time: 5:30pm

Set your alarms!! Come, let’s get equipped to maximize NCBA 4.0 without limits, see you there!

Deputy NCBA coordinator

National NCBA Coordinator


Protecting Every Pregnancy

Protecting Every Pregnancy: Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Prevention Efforts

Nigerian Medical Students Association (NIMSA) & Auwal Shanono Foundation (ASF) presents:

Protecting Every Pregnancy: Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Prevention Efforts

Join us as we tackle the critical issues surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. This event aims to educate students and explore ways to improve maternal and perinatal outcomes.

April 23rd: Informative Webinar
April 24th-27th: Radio Station Awareness Campaign

Open to ALL Medical Students within and outside Nigeria!

Registration is FREE!


NiMSA Games is now on X

NiMSA GAMES 2024 is now on X/Twitter @nimsagames_ng

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